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Ms. Charidi Jamison

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate LCMHCA

Ms. Charidi Jamison is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a Bachelor of Arts

degree in Psychology from Columbia College, Masters of Science Degree from McDaniel

College and a Post-Master’s Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Johns

Hopkins University. Ms. Jamison has spent over 18 years as a School Counselor in Maryland

and North Carolina along with becoming a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist in 2020.

She has been compelled by God the vast majority of her life to minister to the needs of others by supporting, helping, encouraging, and empowering people to experience freedom, wholeness, and healing. Ms. Jamison consistently draws upon both her past and present vocations to provide clients with the tools and resources to overcome personal, professional, or relational obstacles. Her passion for Christian Counseling arises from personal experiences of healing and conviction that with God we can do what seems impossible. Utilizing her professional insight, she offers a partnership that leads clients to a deeper understanding of how thoughts, beliefs and behaviors influence their view of self, others and circumstances.

Embarking upon a journey to wholeness assist clients to discover the true, authentic “self” that God created them to be. In her leisure time, Ms. Jamison enjoys coffee, traveling, spending time with friends, exercising, reading, concerts, Broadway Shows, and bible studies.

Ms. Charidi Jamison
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