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Dr. Akeda Pearson

Senior Consultant & Owner

Education Maven, Dr. Akeda Pearson is an awarded and results-oriented educational leader who has dedicated her life for the betterment of youth, women, men, and families. With over 25 years in the field of Education and Christian Ministry, she has had the pleasure to provide exceptional instructional expertise to diverse school personnel, faith-based organizations, and nonprofits. Dr. Pearson consistently provides training and strategic planning on all levels while fostering environments conducive to learning, operationalizing departments, training, and mentoring

educational leaders (esp. w/equitable practices, diversity, and cultural proficiency), cultivating proven community engagement strategies, grant writing, developing strategic plans for the implementation of data driven programming as well as mobilizing communities.

Dr. Pearson is committed to ensuring that historically disadvantaged and underrepresented populations have access to an equitable and quality education as well as the ability to “thrive” in society while emphasizing the importance of spiritual intimacy. She has served in many capacities including but not limited to a teacher, assistant principal/assistant director, school district official, deputy director, and director of college programs in Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina.

Her impressive educational background includes a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in School Administration, a Master of Education Degree specializing in Curriculum Instruction, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in English and Theater/Communications. In addition, Dr. Pearson has completed Ministerial Training Courses.


Dr. Akeda Pearson
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